Will 2012 be Oprah’s Demise or Big Comeback?

Oprah ended her successful run as a THE daytime talk show queen and took the leap into her OWN network. Since its inception, OWN has been struggling and many have been predicting the demise of the Oprah empire for months.

The big question is: Will 2012 be Oprah’s demise or her big comeback? If you base it on the facts at hand, OWN is a sinking ship that’s going down fast. But, bubbling beneath the surface is the huge potential for Oprah to steer her sinking ship to shore, saving herself and her network from what looks like almost certain disaster.

Oprah is under the influence of an 8 year and 8 is the number of confidence, manifestation and abundance. It’s dubbed the “no-fail” year and it’s always a great energy to go after your goals with gusto. Will she seize the opportunity or let it slip through her fingers? Let’s look at the facts:
Oprah’s back story paints the picture of a childhood wrought with hardship and it seems that she’s worked hard for everything she’s accomplished in life. A quitter Oprah is not considering she’s the hardworking foundation number 4, symbolized by the square and its four equal sides. She’s not going to give up easily, especially since her entire life’s work is on the line. 4’s painstakingly build their empire from the ground up and protect that foundation at all costs. I’ve got my bet in that this daytime Diva will rise from the chaos stronger than ever this year.

A hardworking 4 under the influence of the no-fail year of 8 – it should be in the bag. But wait. There’s one small detail that might snag her up. Her company name had doomed written all over it right from the start. The word OWN, when assigned numerical values, adds to 16/7. It’s a particularly volatile change energy that demands we turn the page hard and wipe the slate clean. The word HATE also adds to 16/7 and energetically when was speak that word, it literally takes a strip off. Could it be that it was in the cards for Oprah to meet her demise through the creation of OWN? Maybe, but I’m still keeping my money on her turnaround this year. She’s learned her lessons and is moving on.

What’s next for Oprah and OWN? Big changes, and I mean BIG changes, are in store for both. Oprah is headed for a 9 year in 2013 and that energy could come in as early as September. 9 is the highest change year and a time when most people see big changes in ALL areas of their life. It’s a whirlwind year that nudges you to take leaps and risks. Oprah is far from done – she’s in the midst of a complete metamorphosis. You never know, amongst all that change, there might even be a marriage in Oprah’s future (wink).

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