The Power of Dreams (both asleep & awake!)

The Power of Dreams (both asleep & awake!)

This post was inspired by my experiences with dreams recently. Last Thursday I had Dream Expert Kelly Sullivan Walden on my radio show and she had some very fascinating viewpoints on dreams. I’ve always been a big fan of using dreams both in my sleeping and waking life and I know from experience the powerful tool they can be.

Recent studies have shown that when humans are prevented from reaching the dream state over a period of about a month or so, they begin to suffer negative psychological effects. Dreams are used to sort out and work through the things that occur in our daily life. They’re like our own personal counseling system!

Aside from helping us cope with real life, dreams also allow us to connect with our spiritual self and the world “beyond” the physical. This is just as important as the psychological benefits as we must not forget we are spiritual beings in a physical body. We go “home” during our dreaming state.

Last night I had a dream of a facebook friend I had met briefly several months ago. She was but one of the many people who introduce themselves to me and then vanish into the world of facebook. I dreamt I had called this lady through video conferencing and although she seemed happy and well, I couldn’t help but feel there was something amiss behind her “happy face”. This morning when I checked my email, there was an email from this woman because she had a problem signing up to my newsletter. My dream was a result of the two of us being psychically connected.

Precognitive dreams are similar in that they appear to be real events that could occur in real life and usually don’t have strange dream symbols like purple mushrooms or flying unicorns. Dreams are powerful tools to not only help us sort through and assimilate events that have already occurred but they can help us access our intuition, assisting us greatly on our journey.

Kelly Sullivan Walden also introduced on my show the concept of dreaming while awake. She says children have this kind of dreaming down pat and can easily get into this state of mind. As we know, children believe anything is possible and are powerful creators. In our dreams, we release the “gate-keeper” and allow our mind, body and soul to believe anything is possible. If we could transfer this realm of thinking into our waking life, the sky would certainly be the limit!

I’m also a big fan of journaling your dreams because over time, you will see your own “dream patterns” and your own unique dreams symbols will begin to weave an incredible tale!

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