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Clearing/Cleansing/Protecting A Space

 FEE $50-80 for space clearing services (fee includes any supplies used).  

I thought it might be appropriate to start this page off with my own experience with needing to clear a space.   It’s a scary story so keep the lights on while you read this :) 

About 3 years ago my husband and I lived in Fredericton (we now live in Charters Settlement).  We had an older home (50+ years old) in Devon.  Our intention was to live there for a year or so and “flip” the house to buy a larger home.   When we moved in, I noticed right away that the energy was “heavy”.  I didn’t think anything of it at first because we were also near the Native Reserve which also has a heavy energy, likely from the collective energy of the Native people created by the struggles they have gone through and currently face.   The US, for example, has one of the heaviest collective energies of all the countries because of the wars, slavery, etc.  (Iran/Iraq also have heavy collective energies as does Israel).  All this negative energy accumulates in everyone involved and is then transferred through to each generation.  Certain nationalities, countries, etc hold more or less collective energy.  Canada, thankfully, has one of the lighter collective energies.  Partly because of the less dense population and partly because we have less past collective traumas.

Ok, on with the story.  So this energetic heaviness was more than I thought.  The first couple of months, things were fine but then I began to become more and more depressed.  I had high anxiety all the time and was frequently awakened in the middle of the night.  I say awakened because when I awoke in the night I would sit straight up and look around feeling like someone had just woken me up.  Then there was that awful presence feeling by the left side of my bed.  It was there, always watching, whatever it was.  The energy was always dense and smothering.

Then, after a couple of months, we started renovating.  That’s when the weird happenings increased significantly.  The basement was an especially creepy spot.  When I went down there to do laundry, I would be as quick as possible.  Each time I went to climb the stairs I felt a rush of energy at my back, like someone was pushing me.  I ran upstairs as fast as I could every time.   Of course I thought I was being foolish and I had always been afraid of dark, scary places.  So I chalked it up to being a wimp. 

As the months went by my depression and anxiety steadily increased and the strange energy seemed to overtake the house.  One night, I was lying in bed with my daughter, waiting for her to fall asleep and suddenly I was full of anxiety and fear.  My stomach was tied in a knot and I was scared to move.  I felt a presence over by my daughter’s rocking chair.  It was so heavy and dark but sad and scared too.  It was the energy of a little girl.  She had longer brown straight hair and was about 7-8 years old.   The images and messages I received from her in those few moments she was there showed she had been murdered.  She was still here, attached to the Earth plane, unable to let it go because of the shock and quickness of her passing.  The images were of a basement and she was lying on the floor with blood and a wound to the stomach area.  Her parents found her but it was too late.  There was a bald man who was responsible for the killing, a friend of the family.  I got the impression that he was never brought to justice.  The little girl’s spirit was scared and confused.

 The next morning I did some research on the property, trying to find any evidence of a murder in the house or near the property.  My daughter also mentioned that she had a “dream” of a girl who got stabbed in the stomach and her parents couldn’t save her.   My thought is that this little girl stopped by to tell her story because she left within a couple of minutes.   She may have been hoping that I could help her get home.  She was likely drawn to the house because of it matched her vibration.  It was becoming a gathering spot for lost souls and negative energy!

 I found nothing about the girl in my search but it led me to find something just as awful about the house.   The house had been rented and sold several times.  It had ALOT of residual energy from alot of people.   But, in speaking with my neighbour, I found the biggest shocker about the house.  She proceeded to inform me that two people (from separate families) had shot themselves in the basement.   One was a young boy about 15 years old (20 years ago) and the other was a man in his 50’s (about 10 years ago).  So now I knew what this energy was and why I kept being awakened in the night!  These spirits were still there, trying to get my attention because they were trapped. 

My neighbour felt bad that we had bought the house not knowing this but she had thought it was necessary to disclose information like that when purchasing a home.  She thought we already knew.

 Now that I knew the source of the house’s troubles, I had to do something to help these spirits.  Not to mention help us too!  At this point we had our house for sale, having completed the renovations.  We had it listed for nearly 5 months and had over 50 viewings!  Each time, the potential buyers would say they loved the house but they would end up deciding not to buy or back out of the deal.  My friend Pam said likely the spirits were trying to keep us there because I was probably their last hope of moving on.  So, I began to search for ways to help them go to the light.

 My neighbour’s daughter was into Wicca and she came over to do a clearing.  This seemed to help shift some of the heavy debris, but the night wakings and the basement creepies still continued.  I did some research about house clearings and armed with a white candle and some powerful words, I cleansed the house – every last corner!  That night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I had the strangest image. (I often get random psychic images when in bed, mostly of people’s faces).  This image was of two men.  The image showed them side by side but yet they were not together, sort of like two pictures stuck together because the backgrounds were different.  One was of a teenage boy with dark brown hair, longer and wavy on top.  He was slender and small framed.  The other was an older man, with dark brown thick hair and balding on top.  He was a chunkier man and rather stout.   The young boy was not smiling but seemed a bit confused.  The older man was smiling broadly. 

Out of curiosity, the next day I asked my neighbour if she knew the people who had died in the house (my neighbour had lived in her house for over 25 years).  She began to describe the images of the men exactly as they appeared to me on my “mind screen”.  I shivered all over.  Of course I didn’t tell my neighbour about the images.  I mentioned this to my friend Pam and she said they were probably thanking me for helping them.   I also told her that the boy wasn’t smiling.  She said he was likely confused about what had just happened to him.  Moving from the “void” to the light is quite something I’m sure.

 And, coincidentally, a week after the spirits were sent to the light, my house sold.  That was the longest two years of my life but I did learn one thing – well two things.  How to send spirits to the light and how to clear a space!

 So without further hesitation, I will show you how to do one of the most important things you can do for your health and happiness.

 When you move into a new space, my advice is to never, ever keep anything of the previous owners.  The less left from the previous people, the better.  On moving day, before you bring anything into the house, you need to clear the space.

 There are many variations on how to do house clearings but this is the one I use and have used in the past.  Trust me it works :)

 Supplies:  Only 3 – A white candle, incense and a few sentences on a piece of paper! 

There may be alot of reasons to do a clearing of a space.  It could be for spirits, residual energy from previous occupants/guests, after times of stress like divorce, death, sickness and many other reasons.   It can be good to clear a space periodically, especially sleeping spaces and rooms used for spiritual purposes.    Periodically cleansing your house can alleviate the build-up of collective energy.  Both from you and your family.  Over time, energy from arguments, stress, etc can accumulate in a space and “sludge” it up.

Steps to energetically clean a space (basic version):

1. Physically clean the space.  This is the first step in properly clearing a space.  Dust, vacuum, wash floors, etc.

 2. Open up all the doors and windows in the house.  This will allow the unwanted energy to flow out. 

3. Light your white candle. (incense is used to cleanse furniture, if necessary).

 4. Start at one end of the house.   Always direct the energy towards the open windows/doors.  Move in that direction.  As you chant over and over your verse (see step 4), move slowly along the wall, giving special attention to the corners.  Start at the door and keep going along the wall until you reach the doorway again and continue into the next room, doing it in the same way. 

5. The “chant” –  it is short and simple but effective:  “Move toward the light to be blessed in the name of Oneness”.  Repeat this over and over as you move from room to room.  You can also create your own chant along those lines.  I use this one because any negative energy has moved away from it’s source – the light.  Light is never negative in any way. 

6. When you reach a window or door leading to the outside, make sure the candle is placed outside, either by putting your hand out the open window or stepping outside. 

7. Make sweeping actions with your hands over and around the candle to sweep away the accumulated debris on and around the candle.  Also make larger sweeping gestures in front of you, in the direction of the open window/door, to move the negative energy that you are forcing out to move outside. 

8. Continue past the door/window and do the remaining rooms until you have moved all the negative energy from each room outside and to the light. 

If your energy within the space is particularly thick or hard to remove (you can feel this as denseness, heaviness—like a thickness “in the air” and has the feeling of weighing your energy down.) you can amp up your cleansing routine by incorporating crystals and sage.


I like to use quartz crystals as they are the “multi-purpose” stone with a high energy vibration and are likely to be effective on a wide variety of energies.  Also, rough quartz are more powerful than the tumbled ones.  The general rule is, the more raw the gem, the stronger it’s power.  

Place 4 quartz crystals in the four corners of your home (if a two-storey you can do each level at a time or place them in the downstairs corners if doing both levels at the same time.)  These crystals can be left in place for continued space clearing or removed after the clearing.


I often burn sage along with the candle method.  Simply place a small amount of sage in a glass bowl and light it.  Place it in the centre of your home to burn while you complete the clearing with the white candle.  I also often go around the house as if I were doing a clearing, going around the perimeters of rooms with the sage to “loosen” the negative energy to prepare it for the clearing.


The white light cleanse is sufficient for the run-of-the mill cleansing but if you have particularly heavy and or built-up energy within your home I encourage you to use the sage and/or crystal methods as well.  Play with it a bit and find what works best for you and your space. 

Furniture is better cleansed using incense (quality incense).  Light the incense and go around the perimeter of the piece.  Make sure you do all areas, even underneath.  Again, repeat the chant to send the negative energy packing!   If you have any pieces that “negative” people have sat on or bought a new piece of furniture, do this cleanse.  (it is best to do the cleanse before bringing new/old furniture into the house).  Also, it can be done routinely when clearing a space to further remove debris.  Although you should ideally remove the furniture, cleanse the room and then cleanse the furniture before bringing it back into the room. 

Remember, there are numerous ways to clear a space and some people may try to tell you there is alot more to it than that.  There is no one right or wrong way to remove negative energy.  It isn`t rocket science and if someone tries to tell you that you can`t do it yourself or you need a “professional“, they are misinformed. 

Removing negative energy is more about intention than it is about the method used.  So happy house clearing and feel free to be creative about it! 

Love & Light, 

Michelle Arbeau
Intuitive Numerologist, Author, Lecturer, Inspirational Speaker

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