Power of Numbers Manual CD & Download

Power of Numbers Manual CD & Download

Transform Your Life Now!

Learn the Science of Numbers in as little as 2 hrs using my unique methods and teachings as a Master Intuitive Numerologist. The numbers can show you who you are, what you’re here to do and how to do it!

An easy-to-follow manual that offers step by step instructions to walk you through the journey of self-discovery.
In addition, significantly improve your relationship with others by learning how to speak their language. Wish your child or teen came with an owner’s manual? How about the typical nagging wife and non-listening husband scenario? It’s simply a result of being unaware of the other person’s patterns. Unlike Astrology, the numbers won’t tell you that you’re incompatible, they’ll help you recognize each others unique qualities/traits and embrace them instead of being frustrated by them. This is the beauty of awareness!

If you’re ready to transform all areas of your life and become a conscious creator in the driver’s seat of life, order your copy of The Power of Numbers today!

Purchase your own 44 page Manual on CD for only $59.95 $29.95 or Download a copy NOW for only $39.95 $19.95! Limited 90 day introductory pricing!**

Manual on CD  $59.95 $29.95

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File Download (PDF format)  $39.95 $19.95

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**(offer ends 12/31/2012)

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