Testimonials from Hollywood

Testimonials from Hollywood….

“Sometimes we’re not sure why we’re feeling different energies in life but after talking with Michelle, it all made sense”

Amadou Ly, Twilight Vampire (Breaking Dawn Part II)

“I was a little skeptical at first but Michelle Arbeau’s numerology session was spot on. Not only was her reading incredibly accurate she was very professional and took her time to explain everything in great detail. I left the session with a lot more clarity.”

Alice Amter, Big Bang Theory,

“Thanx for your message and for hangin’ wit’ a sistah last night. You were good company. Thanx for the precise reading and your personable touch, marrying science and the human experience. My head and heart opened wider. I know these things you revealed but was intrigued by what you could understand and interpret with a few numbers and math. But, it’s much more than that – as you have a sharp memory and insight. I wanted to thank you for making my first visit to Hamburger Mary’s more awesome. Thanx :) You rock!”

Thea Austin, Platinum Singer/Songwriter

“Until I met Michelle, I had never personally known a numerologist let alone received an analysis from one. Michelle was absolutely spot on when it came to reading me. Simply by writing down my Birthday, she was able to give me an accurate description of my personality and strengths and more importantly confirmed what I believe I am on course for this year. Michelle has a very keen understanding of the human spirit and I would recommend her to anyone who is wondering what the future holds for them.”
Ricky Powell, NBC Supervising Associate Director & The Happiness Guy

“Wow! Thanks for making my day! Who knew? It was very cool to read!!!”
Jillian Barberie, Actor/TV Host

“Michelle has the instinctive intuition that gets straight to the very core of the blockages in your life. She has a warm and compassionate way of advising you on your journey and directing you in the right direction with the numbers that never lie!!

“She is for sure tapped in and has a great depth of understanding in the spiritual field, and i was amazed at her knowledge of the numbers and their power!! I would recommend anyone seeking some clarity on their path to take a session with this wonderful lady!!”
Jan Anderson, Curb Your Enthusiasm

“Michelle, you have a rare gift as a communicator and I am always impressed with your amazing spiritual insight. Thank you for all your support”
Treva Etienne, Pirates of the Caribbean (The Curse of the Black Pearl)

“It was wonderful spending time with you and I thoroughly enjoyed my numerology reading.”
Lori Petty, Actor/Director

“Michelle is the only person that would, that should and that Will be (if you are honest with your Authentic self) …ever considered to show the world how to be authentic. There is not one shred of doubt in me that she is in Fact the One and Only person to do this Job.”
Doug Jack, Emmy Award-Winning Choreographer/Crayon Artist

“Michelle gave me a very accurate numerological reading. She was incredibly in-tune with my own spirituality and it showed in her extraordinary reading. She was able to discern and clarify aspects of my soul that I had always sensed but could never really understand. Her premonitions about my future were very clear and amazingly prescient. She truly has a gift. Simply put, her energy, wisdom, and insight are inspirational.”
Fagun Thakrar, Actress & Designer

“Michelle, thank you so much for an amazing experience! Being a sceptical person, I just have to say how spot on you were with me! I am completely blown away with the reading you gave me. You have an amazing gift and I hope many others will experience what I have with you. Thank you for being whom you are. I look forward to speaking with you again.”
Vanessa Mills, Makeup Artist & Founder of VMMA

“A huge thanks to the Queen of the Numbers Michelle Arbeau for blowing my mind today. Wow! #numbernine”
Tara Slone, Juno Nominated Music Artist & Host of Breakfast Television

***Michelle has also interviewed celebrities like Candace Cameron-Bure, Comedian George Wallace (Jerry Seinfeld’s best friend), Wu Tang Clan producer, BT Rockwell and many more.

More Testimonials from other clients….

“Michelle is someone our firm will support for the next 50 years because when you go to the dictionary to look up authenticity, it says Michelle Arbeau.”
Steve Allen, Steve Allen Media

“Michelle Arbeau exhibits a unique ability to listen. The ability to truly hear what someone is saying is a gift and, in my opinion as a journalist and writer, this isn’t something that can be taught…it is something you either have or you don’t and Michelle has it in abundance.”
Laverne Stewart, Journalist & Author

“Wow! You are so gifted my friend..Thank you so much..
Yes to all of it!!”

“Thank-you so much for doing a reading, you seem to be right on, that is amazing! Now if I could just find that job, I have been searching for something where I can telecommute but am having no luck in finding it. You have been so helpful, again thank-you so so much!”

1- for around 12 years (the latter years I raised my children) I had a corpus luteum cyst and various complications of being undiagnosed and this thing ravaging my body, no energy and constant illness. I feel my time with my two children was lost and they have some inability to understand or forgive my lack of ability. This resulted in 6 surgeries over about the last three years of my child rearing years.”

2- “I truly take the message you channeled to heart”

Love and light to you,
Many thanks,

“Thank you so much Michelle, yes this was definitely a help in confirming some things that I knew or was learning. Thanks for your help.”

“Hello Michelle. I am so impressed with your reading. My father was the one man in my life that I felt the sun rose on him. Even my husband told me that the problem with me was I expected to have a husband like my father and he said they don’t make men like him anymore. I know I have built a wall around me for protection. My children have been my joy and greatest pride. Sounds like I have certainly influenced them and maybe even harmed them with my emotional views. I think you have hit the nail on the head. Your reading does prove to me that you really have connected with some kind of medium that personally knows me. Thank you. If you want more clients I know a couple of friends that would love to have you do this.”

“Hi Michelle, thanks for reading for me, it was so nice of you. I loved drama lessons at school and I find it easy to act in my life. I can feign any emotion. I always fancied doing it as a job but hadn’t thought about it in years. I now live in Gran Canaria, which is a small Spanish island so there isn’t alot of acting work here (especially since my Spanish is so bad!) I’m always open to new things though. You got it right about me being independent. I’ve been very self-reliant for years and don’t like other people to make choices for me. The last part of your reading was nice, roll on age 36! LOL. Thanks again for the reading, you’ve given me food for thought and you are a very intuitive and caring woman.”

All the best, Michelle,
Victoria xx

“Thank you so much for my reading. Your perceptions are absolutely right on the money, and very detailed. It will take me some time to digest everything you wrote.”

“Thanks so much Michelle!!! I’m really not frantic I’m just really worried and it takes alot of energy out of me. My husband did suffer alot of spinal fractures and nerve damage so you really hit the mark there. We are not seeking riches in this matter, we just want security. I think that is what I am seeking right now and your reading really did help. You helped me immensely and I can’t thank you enough. I feel like you did touch on alot of points of importance to me. You are a godsend and if you hadn’t given me this reading at no cost, I wouldn’t have been able to afford to do this. You are a very compassionate person and in the future if fate is willing, I will probably ask you for your help again and be sure you would be compensated for this work. Much love and blessings sent your way, Vicky”
Vicky & Thomas

“Michelle, thanks for the reading. You were definitely on the mark about a lot of things. You certainly have a gift. I hope to consult you in the future.
Thank you very much for your time.”

“Hi Michelle!
Thank-you for the amazing reading! The info regarding my living arrangements now, my cat, relationship issues with my children and others and upcoming “whirlwind change” for this year were all right on.”

“Thank-you Michelle. Great reading. Very Impressive!!!!! Have a great week!”

“Thank you so much for the reading! It was awesome. I now know that this is the house for me, I knew I was drawn to it for some reason…..Thank you again for the reading!! I think you have a great gift.”

“This reading is very insightful and on the money. I encourage you to continue what you are doing as I understand you are new to it. This reading was helpful in a very real way and I will definitely use the suggestions you gave me. I understand better now and I hope my daughter will too. Thanks again so much.”

“Hi Michelle, thank you so much for the reading. It really resonated with me. You are a very gifted reader and I am very blessed to have found you.”

“Hi Michelle: Thank you for the excellent reading!!! I loved it and had been reading about willow trees not too long ago. Everything you mentioned rang true to me, I can’t thank you enough!!! I will certainly follow the advice you gave and it made so much sense to me. Thank you again!! I hope we meet sometime.”

“Thanks Michelle. I got it today and it was just so interesting. Just fantastic. Thanks again.”

“Thank you for the reading. You are very gifted, Michelle. Thank you again for sharing your light!”

“Thank you very much. Your reading comes at a good time and is very much “right on”. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I appreciate what you have done for me.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you, you have an amazing gift and once again I thank you for your words of wisdom, they have brought me comfort. I just wanted to give you some feedback, hope you don’t mind.”

“You are certainly dead on here. In many ways!!”

“Thank you very much for your very insightful reading. I found it extremely helpful.”

“Wow! I know that this is mathematical and intuitive, but did you ever hit the nail on the head!”

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