Sweet Treat!

As a special Sweet Treat, experience an in-depth session with Celebrity Numerologist Michelle Arbeau who will take you through the details of your own energy (past, present, future) as well as the outer energetic cycles that may be influencing you. We’ll also examine up to two other people close to you in order to discover the intimate unseen elements at work in those relationship connections and how to transformation them into positive, meaningful connections and/or understand why they are in your life.

Already had an in-depth session with Michelle recently? This Sweet Treat can also be used to ask more specific or challenging questions so you can use your session time to fine-tune frustrating areas of concern in your life. The numbers can help you solve challenges of all kinds – from business branding to relationship rescue and more.




  • Crystal Holley

    Thank you again for your amazing readings on Second Sight tonight. As always you were right on the mark. Scary in some fashion. I just sent you a paypal for 97 dollars for the sweet treat reading.
    Thank you for all the amazing work you do
    Birthday 1/2/1973

  • Michelle Arbeau

    You’re welcome, Crystal!! You’re amazing too :)

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