Surprising Comeback of Legend Bruce Springsteen

Fame seems to be like winning the lottery, it’s all about luck and chance – or is it? Are there certain characteristics or traits that allow people like Bruce Springsteen to leave a lasting mark on us and become legends that are never forgotten? If so, what sets the one-hit wonders apart from the legendary artists?

Bruce Springsteen is surpassing the mega-star Adele and it’s no surprise. First of all, the world is going through a tremendous amount of change brought on mainly by the financial crisis and in particular, we’re refocusing our values, vision and priorities. For that reason, Springsteen’s timing is impeccable. We’re yearning to bring happiness back into the equation and what better way to do that then to listen to good ole’ Bruce Springsteen with his pumped up kicks that made us feel good as a kid. Sorry Adele but we’re done with bringing fire to the rain.

There’s a deeper side to this story that isn’t just about our musical preferences and feel-good music. Bruce isn’t the kind of guy to get wrapped up in fame and fortune and really does do it for the music. His heart and soul goes into every note and based on his numbers, he totally gets lost in his own musical world. He’s a 10 and this life path knows how to party. They like to keep things on the lighter side of life. Bruce also has the Arrow of Inspiration which adds to his positive vibes. When he performs, he radiates uplifting energy.

His secret weapon is the double 9’s in his date of birth. 9 is the number of ambition, idealism and responsibility but it’s also the big dreamer energy. To top it off, Bruce’s 9’s are isolated meaning there are no other numbers surrounding them on his birth chart. The energy is “trapped” meaning he truly does get lost in his own world creating music that blows our minds. These are the kinds of traits that separate the Adeles from the Bruces.
There’s also something to be said for timing. Bruce is in a 1 year. 1 is the number of new beginnings so it’s definitely his year to make a major comeback and it seems he’s doing just that.

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