Simon Cowell is All Heart

Despite his tough exterior, Simon Cowell actually does have a heart. In fact, he IS the number of the heart, the number 5. 5 represents the heart and emotions and is considered the most “feeling” of all the numbers. This isn’t exactly how we would describe Simon Cowell but as the old saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover”.

5’s constantly seek out freedom to express themselves and many gravitate toward some form of artistic expression to accomplish this. The 5 energy can also be erratic and unpredictable causing some 5’s to appear moody and volatile. Simon’s date of birth adds to 32 before reducing further to 5 (3+2=5). The 3 energy is very expressive and social while the 2 is cooperative and often co-dependent energy. This makes him prone to flip-flopping from independence to co-dependence. Such rollercoaster emotions can lead some 5’s to fall victim to depression of which Simon has admitted to Oprah he has suffered from.

It may seem like Simon tries hard to be mean, but it really isn’t a deliberate effort. Although he is the number of the heart, he also has double 9’s in his birth date. 9 is the number of ambition, responsibility and idealism – emphasis on the idealism! Anyone with more than one 9 in their date of birth tends to be quite opinionated and judgemental. 9 energy can be very black and white, right and wrong and this is exactly how Simon sees things – right and wrong. He has very set opinions on things and isn’t easily swayed. He’s not a push-over and stands firm in his beliefs – he knows what he likes and how he likes it.

To top it off, Simon also has the Arrow of Determination with the head of the Arrow focused on those egotistical double 9’s. Unfortunately, most of the time, the swollen head of the double 9’s masks the gentle and loving sweetness of his 5 essence.

Simon and the rest of the world are well aware of his gigantic ego but very few catch a glimpse of the soft, sensitive heart that lies beneath the armor.

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