Ryan Seacrest is Social Perfection

Love him or hate him, no one can argue that Ryan Seacrest is good at what he does. His talent in the social arena has made him the target of gay rumours because let’s face it; very few straight guys are that socially suave! I can’t comment on Ryan’s sexual orientation but I can tell you his date of birth reveals his social success is based on much more than just luck. This guy is the model of social perfection!

Mr. Seacrest was born on December 24, 1974 and the sum of his date of birth is 30/3. Ryan is a pure 3 meaning that he isn’t working any other numbers. 3 is the number of the imagination/memory and is a bright, happy, social energy. 3’s are the social butterflies and are extremely intelligent. They’re funny, charming and often the life of the party. 3’s can sometimes act superior, becoming critical and impatient with those who don’t share their level of intelligence (Ryan has admitted to being a tad vain). On the flip side, 3’s are extremely sensitive to criticism and suffer from constant self-doubt although you would rarely see this side of them as they mask it well.

Besides being the social butterfly number (3), Ryan also has double 4’s in his date of birth. 4 is the number of practicality, stability and organization but it is also the most materialistic number. Ryan has been referred to as a metrosexual and his double 4’s are at the root of his tastefulness. With that much 4 energy, it is nearly impossible not to have a love of all things material!

Aside from the materialistic double 4’s, he also has the other two physical plane numbers, the 1 and 7. Anyone with all three physical plane numbers is only content when involved in the meat and potatoes of life. They’re “doers” who need to experience life through personal interaction with others. They tend to be workaholics and love to add as much to their plate as they possibly can. We all know Ryan’s plate needs sideboards!

There’s also a softer side to Ryan. In contrast to all that social and materialistic energy are the double 2’s in his date of birth. 2 is the number of intuition and sensitivity and when there are multiple 2’s, the level of sensitivity and intuition present is above average. Of course this sensitive side only adds to Ryan’s social success: Over 90% of communication is non-verbal which makes it imperative to have a strong sense of intuition in order to respond appropriately in social situations. Ryan’s sensitivity is the secret to his charm and appeal.

The down side to such sensitivity is that is can be difficult to open up in intimate relationships for fear of being hurt. It’s no secret Ryan hasn’t had the best luck in love, despite his level of social excellence. His unlucky-in-love pattern is directly related to his extremely sensitive heart, making him a little gun-shy.

Ryan Seacrest is smart, funny, tasteful and sensitive – what’s not to love? Ok, maybe I’m slightly biased considering I’m a pure 3 too.

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