Misunderstood Starlet Britney Murphy

Of all the young Hollywood starlets, Brittany Murphy would take the award for being the most misunderstood. Not many people knew what to make of her or where she fit into the Hollywood scene. Shedding the image of misfit was what Brittany struggled with the most. She desperately wanted to fit in but could never seem to feel comfortable in her own skin to own her place in Hollywood.

Brittany’s date of birth paints a grim picture of the lifelong struggles surrounding self-image and self-trust. Her birth chart speaks volumes about her challenges with depression and low self-esteem. Despite all her inner demons, as the humanitarian number (9), she was an extremely loving person with a heart of gold.

Three major hurdles are at the root of most of Brittany’s turmoil. Here are the numbers of her date of birth (11-10-1977) as they would be plotted on her birth chart:

Mental Plane: 0,0,9
Soul Plane: 0,0,0
Physical Plane: 1111, 0, 77

The first obstacle on her birth chart is the Arrow of Hypersensitivity formed by missing all three Soul Plane numbers 2, 5 and 8. Those who lack all three of the “feeling” numbers tend to be socially awkward, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time or just seem to be generally out of sync socially. John Mayer has this Arrow and he’s always in social hot water for saying all the wrong things.

The ironic thing about missing all three “feeling” numbers is that it creates a situation of super-sensitive emotions and a fragile heart yet they appear on the surface to be detached and generally tough-skinned. It is typical of someone with this Arrow to put up walls, beginning an early age, to protect their delicate hearts.

In order to be socially successful, we need to use our emotions as a navigation device to help guide us in terms of what to say and how to say it. Our intuition and emotional senses play a big role in how well we can communicate with others. Essentially, we humans are feeling creatures and when we cut off or box up our emotions, miscommunication and misunderstandings dominate our relationships with others. It is also worth mentioning that Brittany has quadruple 1’s which makes it difficult for her to express her inner feelings and needs. 1 is the number of verbal self-expression and with that many 1’s, it creates quite an imbalance in terms of verbal self-expression.

The second battle on Brittany’s chart is the Arrow of Frustration. This Arrow is formed by the missing numbers 4,5,6. Anyone with this combination suffers from unrealistically high expectations of themselves and others. They have the bar set so high, no one can reach the expectations they set. Unrealistic expectations equals let-down and disappointment when the impossible goals or ideals are never achieved. Turmoil seems to follow those with the Arrow of Frustration because they are always striving for unreachable perfection. Britney Spears also has this Arrow.

The third challenge is Brittany’s double isolated 7’s. She has two 7’s that are “stuck” in the bottom right corner with no other numbers in contact with them. 7 is the teaching/learning number and much of this learning is done through hindsight involving sacrifice and/or loss. With double isolated 7’s, there is always a tendency to repeat lessons and attract the same people and patterns that bring about some form of hardship or emotional pain.

When a number is “stuck”, it can’t integrate with the other numbers on the chart and therefore has a hard time learning the lessons needed to move forward. Anyone with double isolated 7’s can attest to the fact that life seems to have dealt them a bum deal. However, there is a rainbow at the end of all this repeated hindsight learning. If they make it far enough in life to tell their tales, those with multiple isolated 7’s end up being very wise people with much to share about life’s journey.

There is one last piece of Brittany’s puzzle worth sharing. She is a 27/9 Life Theme number (her date of birth adds to 27 and reduces further to 9). 9 is the humanitarian number but also the number of ambition, idealism and responsibility. She meant well in all she did and at the basis of it all, wanted to love and be loved. Having the 7 in her main essence as the 27/9 also indicates issues with trust – both of herself and others. When young, 27/9’s often cling to anyone who seems to be of leadership energy because they don’t trust their own power and thus seek authority and guidance in others.

I suspect the relationship with her husband Simon Monjack was such a co-dependent relationship. Interestingly, he also had the Arrow of Frustration and a single isolated 7. It would seem, both served as each other’s tattered lifeboat.

R.I.P Brittany. May you at least be as understood in death as you longed to be in life.

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