Kim Kardashian’s Marriage was REAL but Doomed from the Start

Rumors swirled from the beginning about whether the hookup between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries was the real deal or all a publicity stunt. Kim’s date of birth paints the picture that it was indeed a real marriage which grew from the best of intentions but in reality, it was a match made in divorce court right from the start.

Kim K might as well get herself a tramp stamp that says SKEPTIC. When it comes to relationships, she enters the arena with a fairytale vision but dressed in a suit of armor. She’s always got one foot out the door, waiting for something bad to happen. Anyone who begins a relationship based on excessively high expectations and a deep-seated lack of trust is sure to end up in splitsville instead of the altar.

Here’s the breakdown of the REAL Kim Kardashian behind the perfection:

Why is it that we rarely see Kim in anything but 2 pounds of makeup and looking perfect from head to toe? She’s got the Arrow of Frustration (missing numbers 4, 5, 6 in her date of birth) which causes her to have exceptionally high expectations of herself and others. She sets the bar at an unreachable level, causing her to constantly chase perfection in every aspect of her life. What does this mean for her love life? No man will ever truly meet her expectations.
The second deal breaker is her Arrow of Skepticism (missing numbers 3, 5, 7 in her date of birth). If you go around sniffing out reasons to distrust someone, you’re sure to find it sooner or later. No good marriage was ever built on a foundation of distrust.

Another snippet worth noting is that her year of birth adds to 9, the date she filed for divorce adds to 9 and the number of days her marriage lasted adds to 9. What’s up with all these 9’s, you ask? 9 is the number of idealism and it’s very black and white, right and wrong. With all these idealistic 9’s swirling around in her already brewing stew of high expectations and skepticism, it’s no wonder no man has yet to prove themselves worthy of the most perfect of the Kardashian princesses.

Poor Kimmy. Will she ever find lasting love when her life is nothing but a continual self-fulfilling prophecy? I hate to be the skeptic here but the numbers spell out pretty clearly that it’s doubtful.

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