Justin Bieber Isn’t Perfect (Gasp!)

The media portrays Justin Bieber as the shy, sensitive, sweet, ultra-cute boy next door who seems perfect in every way. I hate to burst the bubble of every teen girl in the world but there are some major demons lurking in Justin’s closet that wouldn’t exactly make him suitable boyfriend material.
The two main ingredients in a successful relationship are love/trust and these are the very areas that Justin would score low on. Winning his trust and his heart would take some major elbow grease and continuous maintenance.

Justin has the Arrow of Hypersensitivity on his birth chart formed by the missing numbers 2,5,8 in his date of birth. These three numbers are the Soul Plane numbers or the “feeling” numbers. Anyone with this Arrow is super-sensitive and super-loving but there is an ironic twist: Despite being VERY loving and emotionally sensitive people, they rarely let anyone get close enough to bask in it for fear of being hurt. They keep people at arm’s length when really all they want is to love and be loved. Sadly, they’re often misunderstood and can appear cold and uncaring at times. Look at poor John Mayer who also has the Arrow of Hypersensitivity – everyone thinks he’s a total jerk!

Now don’t get me wrong, Justin is a great guy with a good heart but the realm of intimate relationships will always be his battlefield. He’s a 27/9 Life Path number so he means well in all he does since 9 is the justice-seeking humanitarian number. 9’s are some of the most generous and caring people but tend to be ferociously idealistic. They like what they like and know what they know – and there‘s no swaying them!

The 7 in his Life Path number further accentuates his trust issues as 7’s biggest obstacle is trust of the self and sometimes of others. Many 27/9’s will look to others for advice or answers because they lack a solid level of inner self-trust. When it comes to intimate relationships, if you’re short on self-trust AND have a super-sensitive heart, you’re going to be stalled at the starting gate.

I don’t think we’ll see Justin Bieber in a long-term committed relationship anytime soon but that might be a good thing for both him and the girl. Being a teen is hard enough – best to save the broken hearts for a little later!

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