Jillian Barberie is Sexy AND Smart

Jillian Barberie Reynolds has definitely got the brains to match her beauty – no wonder she has such a following of both men and women alike. I must admit, a woman who is super-beautiful AND super-smart is a rare find in the world of celebrity.

Great genes are obviously at the source of the beauty end of things but her smarts comes from a boat-load of mental numbers in her birth date. The mental plane numbers are 3, 6, 9 and Jillian has not one, not two but three 6’s in her date of birth! But wait, there’s more – she also has double 9’s to boot! The 6 and 9 are the two most active numbers on the Mental Plane and Jillian puts them to active use.

Here’s Jillian’s birth date (9-26-1966) plotted on her birth chart:

Mental Plane: 666, 99
Soul Plane: 2
Physical Plane: 1

Let’s discuss the triple 6’s first:

6 is the number of creativity but also the number of the “visionary”. The creative flow of the number 6 stems from its ability to allow for seeing the bigger picture. Her talent for seeing the broader scope of things explains her incredible fashion sense and her “tell it like it is” attitude. She even has a history of being fired for her firecracker tongue and outspoken ways. With that many 6’s she could surely spot a phoney a mile away and call them on it!

6 is also considered the number of extremes because it has both a very strong positive and negative side. In the negative, the 6 creates perfectionism and worry/anxiety/depressive tendencies (this explains her battle with depression). On the softer side, the 6 energy is home-loving, responsible and nurturing (her love for family is no secret).

Despite the negative side of the 6, Jillian has managed to stay on top, using her triple 6 creative juices in the positive. The key to staying out of the dark side of the 6 energy is to create, create and create. Jillian’s love of fashion, family and animals are just a few of the ways she uses the powerful creative and nurturing 6 energy in the positive.

Lastly, let’s skip to the double 9’s in Barberie’s birth date. 9 is the three-fold number of ambition, idealism and responsibility. The 9 energy sees things in black and white, right and wrong. It is the humanitarian, justice-seeking number. The 9 has a good heart but tends to be a bit one-sided (strong need to be right). Jillian was once fired from a job as a restaurant hostess for speaking her mind with the customers. This is a prime example of the 9 needing to balance the scales of justice (aka be right). The 9 just can’t resist speaking its mind and Jillian has two 9’s!

I say hats off to Jillian for using the assets she was born with. There’s nothing wrong with a strong woman who speaks her mind and looks great doing it!

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