Jaden Smith is Mega-Star Material

Jaden Smith busted out of the gate at full speed and he isn’t about to slow down or fizzle out anytime soon. He’s an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, even at the tender age of 13!

His date of birth is July 8th, 1998 and is ridiculously fabulous with all but one of his numbers clustered into the most expressive areas on the birth chart. The most active/expressive numbers are 9, 8, 7 and Jaden has double 9’s, double 8’s and one 7.

9 is the number of ambition and idealism and with double 9’s, Jaden is definitely a leader not a follower. 8 is the number of wisdom and independence and is a confident, bold, assertive energy. Double 8’s creates the “dare-devil syndrome” which means he lives for the thrill of life and the ability to affect people through his actions (Madonna has double 8’s). 7 is the most active number on the physical plane and is the teaching learning number. The 7 learns through personal experience (often through hindsight) which allows him to take risks, to jump with both feet and ask questions later. These three numbers (9, 8, 7) form the Arrow of Great Expression which is pretty self-explanatory.

With that kind of expressive, bold and ambitious energy behind him, Jaden isn’t afraid to give it his all and then some. He was picked for the role in The Karate Kid because of his uninhibited ability to bring everything he’s got to the table through his incredible expressive energy. He was chosen out of 100 kids because the director was in awe of his “rawness”.

To top it off, Jaden is a 6 Life Path. The 6 is the creative genius energy and the “visionary” number. 6’s can see the whole picture, the master plan, building their empire from the ground up based on their vision. 6’s are also perfectionists who set the bar high for themselves. To go along with those high standards is his Arrow of Frustration formed by the missing numbers 4, 5, 6 in his date of birth. The Arrow of Frustration creates the scenario of setting unrealistically high expectations for yourself and others. This is a double whammy for Jaden in terms of setting huge goals and dreaming big.

This kid was built for Hollywood and he’s gonna take it by storm!

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