Creative Genius Lady Gaga

Gaga has been compared to Madonna and while both gals are creative and expressive 11’s (the sum of their birth dates), there are striking differences between the two. It is well known that Madonna wasn’t exactly a superstar in terms of talent in the beginning – she made it mostly on guts and luck. Madge has double 8’s on her birth chart which gives her the “dare-devil” syndrome. The 8 energy is bold, confident and assertive. Double 8 people will try anything once and live life for the thrill of it all.

Ms. Gaga on the other hand appears to be even gutsier than her predecessor but her platform is very different. Her out-there image isn’t as off-the-cuff as we might think. It is carefully planned and orchestrated to perfection thanks to her incredibly sharp mental faculties. It may seem like she’s lost her marbles but there’s a method to her madness. Gaga is working the Survivor slogan: Outwit, outplay, outlast.

Here are the digits in Gaga’s birth date (3-20-1986) plotted on her birth chart:

Mental Plane: 3, 6, 9
Soul Plane: 2, 8
Physical Plane: 1

With all three Mental Plane numbers, nothing much gets past Lady Gaga. When the 3, 6 and 9 mental numbers join together, they create the Arrow of the Intellect. Anyone with this combination is as sharp as a tack with a computer-like brain that never stops analyzing and assessing. She’ll always be one step ahead of the competition.

Not only that, Ms. Gaga has the Arrow of Inspiration comprised of the numbers 3, 2 and 1. This Arrow’s combination creates the “big dreamer” scenario allowing her to churn out endless inspired ideas and plans. Combine this with the powerful mind-force of the Arrow of the Intellect and you have a creative genius.

Last but not least, with 11 as her main essence (sum of her birth date reduced), she has the double creative whammy. 1 is a highly creative, expressive and inventive number, the pioneer number. Double 1’s makes for double the creative expression. 11’s like Madonna and Lady Gaga MUST express themselves in a creative sense, it is an inner driving force that is unbridled and unrelenting. But creativity and boldness will only get you so far. The trick to lasting success is to have the brains to match the brawn – Gaga definitely has a leg up on the competition!

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